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PingCOPA DNS Lookup

PingCOPA includes a full DNS Lookup system.  DNS maps names (domain names) to IP addresses.  Humans are good at working with names, but computers are good at working with addresses.  The Internet DNS system is the bridge between humans and computers.

Although most operating systems include an nslookup command it's often only as a command line tool and can be quite tricky to use for the Novice user.

The PingCOPA NS lookup tool is contained in it's own window.  You can open as many instances of it as you require, and you can use standard windows copy and paste functions to make tracing a DNS system easier.

With the PingCOPA NS Lookup you can opt to use your default windows name servers, or get an authoritative lookup from a specific nameserver.  Generally you will make your first query using your default DNS server configured by windows, this will tell you which name server will give you a more correct (authoritative) answer.  You can then copy and paste the name or the address of this server into the DNS Lookup name server field to query that server directly.


PingCOPA DNS Lookup Window

Click for a full image of the PingCOPA DNS Lookup

The PingCOPA DNS Lookup supports lookups for A, NS, CNAME, SOA, PTR, MX and TXT records.  See the online manual for more information on these abbreviations if you are not familiar with how to perform a DNS Lookup.