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How do I ping selected IP addresses, rather than a complete subnet?

The PingCOPA network tools give you many ways to customize the list of IP addresses that you are going to ping.

If all the IP addresses you want to add are in the same subnet, open the ping viewer and ping an entire subnet. i.e. to When this has finished you can select just the IP addresses you want in your ping selection by holding the <Ctrl> key down and left clicking on the required addresses in the viewer list.

Now right click and select "Save Selection" from the context menu. After you have saved the pcv file, click on the "Load Configuration" button and only the selected IP list will be displayed. This is a far more efficient way of pinging as only the required addresses are pinged.

If you want to define a range of addresses from different subnets with the PingCOPA network tools, open the viewer and right click in the view list area to display the context menu. Deselect "Search Subnet". This will allow you to define specific IP Addresses. Now right click on the ping list area to display the context menu again, and select "Add IP Address". You can now add as many different IP addresses as you want.

The defined range can be saved by clicking on the "Save Configuration" button.