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PingCOPA Network  Tools Features


Alarms can be setup to monitor specific IP addresses or servers. These alarms can be activated when a given number of responses are not received from the destination machine or server.  Again, the alarm can result in the event being logged, emailed or spoken.  An alarm can also trigger an application to be executed.

Alarms are available for

  • Pinged Addresses
  • HTTP Web Servers
  • FTP Servers
  • POP3 Servers
  • SMTP Servers

Ping Support

PingCOPA network tools support ICMP ping. Simultaneous ping requests can be made on individual IP addresses and/or different  ranges of IP addresses.  See a screenshot of the Ping Window


PingCOPA can simultaneously display traceroutes to multiple destinations. Choose between ICMP or UDP requests.  A graph displays the timeline of each hop.  See a screenshot of the traceroute window.

Network Calculator

An IP calculator allows you to work out network classes and subnet addresses.  See a screenshot of the network calculator.

MAC Addresses

PingCOPA can obtain the MAC address of IP devices on a local subnet.






A network tools package would not be complete without a Whois lookup.  The PingCOPA Whois system is a Smart Whois system that will locate the correct whois server and retrieve the domain information for you.

NS Lookup

The PingCOPA network tools contain a fully featured DNS Lookup utility. Lookup domains for A records, MX records and more.  Your default servers can be used, or you can specify the server to get an authoritative lookup.  See a screenshot of the NS Lookup window.


Speech output is provided on machines supporting the Microsoft speech interface. This enables engineers to work on  network cables and routers when monitoring an IP address without having to look at the screen.

Command line utilities

Several command line utilities are provided to display the results of operating system network commands such as NetStat..

More To Come...

The PingCOPA Network Tools are constantly under development.  More features are being added to PingCOPA all the time.  We always listen to our customers requests for features and are glad to receive comments, criticism and requests for future features.  Our customers are important to us and we hope you will join our growing family very soon.