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PingCOPA IP Calculator

Included with PingCOPA is an IP Calculator. An IP Calculator is used for calculating how to subnet your network.  Subnetting is a way of dividing a large network into smaller segments, so that most traffic is within individual subnets.  The netmask identifies which parts of the IP address identify the network address, and which parts identify the host address.

PingCOPA includes an IP calculator which can calculate subnets, hosts, network classes and subnet masks.

After providing PingCOPA with the IP address you wish to subnet you can either request PingCOPA calculate the number of Subnets, or the number of hosts you require.  If you ask for subnets, PingCOPA will tell you how many hosts that includes.  If you ask for hosts, PingCOPA will tell you how many subnets you will get.

PingCOPA will calculate if this is a class A, B, or C address, you can over-ride this in order to subnet a Class A address as a Class C subnet, for example.


IP Calculator Screen shot
Click for a full image of the PingCOPA IP Calculator

Once the subnet mask has been calculated for you you can ask PingCOPA to display the Network, Available host addresses and the broadcast address for you.