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PingCOPA Network Tools Screenshots

The main PingCOPA toolbar window.  From this window you can select any other area of the application

PingCOPA Main Screenshot

The Ping Address Range Window.  This is the window you will use to ping addresses.

Ping Address Range Screenshot

The Trace Route Window.  Trace the route with either ICMP or UDP packets.  Currently not functional on Windows Vista.

Trace Route Window

The Alarms Overview Window.  Displays which alarms you have and their current state.

Alarms Overview Window

The Edit Alarm Window.  Edit alarm details.  Alarms are available for Ping, HTTP, FTP, POP3 and SMTP.

Edit Alarm Window

The PingCOPA Network Monitoring Software Network Calculator.  Calculate your subnet addresses depending on how you need to split up your network.

Network Calculator Window

The NS Lookup Window.  Perform DNS lookups.  Supported lookup types are A, NS, CNAME, SOA, PTR, MX and TXT.  The server to be queried can also be specified.

NS Lookup Window