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PingCOPA Traceroute

PingCOPA includes a full Traceroute utility.  Traceroute works by sending packets with different TTL (Time To Live) values to the destination server.  The TTL is reduced by 1 by each router it passes through and once it reaches zero the router will return an error to PingCOPA.  Traceroute then adds the name of that router to it's route list and sends the packet again, this time with a TTL value increased by 1.

The traceroute in PingCOPA can send packets with either ICMP protocol or the UDP protocol.  Some firewalls along the route may block some types of protocol, so by selecting a different protocol you may be able to discover more information about the route.


PingCOPA Traceroute screenshot
Click for a full image of the PingCOPA Traceroute

The PingCOPA traceroute includes a graph to make it easier for you to spot where bottlenecks are occurring.